How to See Belize on a Budget

Belize Flora and Fauna
June 20, 2018
Although Belize is rapidly becoming a top destination for celebrities and luxury travelers, you can still enjoy a vacation in this natural wonderland on a limited budget by following a few basic guidelines. 

1 – Transportation 

Certainly, the fastest way to get around Belize is by plane, but it’s also the most expensive way. Instead, a great way to save costs, especially for group travel, is with Belize shuttles and transfers. You only pay for the distance traveled and get to enjoy the journey in comfort as well as being sure that you’ll have room for all your luggage. 

2 – National Parks and Maya Ruins 

Belize has dozens of amazing national parks, wildlife refuges, and other publicly protected lands. Entrance to these sites costs only a few dollars lets you explore some of the most beautiful regions of the country. 

Be sure to also visit some of the ancient Maya ruins that dot the landscape such as Xunantunich, Altun Ha, Caracol, Lamanai, and Cahal Pech. Entrance fees are $10 or less, and many times, the proceeds go towards supporting local Maya families. 

3 – Food 

You can certainly find gourmet deals of turf and surf at luxury resorts, but if you want to save money, be sure to sample some of Belize’s amazing street foods. Whether it’s sidewalk vendors selling homemade tamales or (sometimes literal) hole-in-the-wall Mom and Pop restaurants specializing in Garifuna, Creole, or Maya fare, you can fill your belly with delicious food and even a cold beer or two for $10 or less. 

Also, be sure to look for seafood joints when you’re on one of the islands or near the coast. If you find the right spot (just ask a local for recommendations), you can enjoy a lobster dinner or grilled fish feast for $15 or less. 

4 – Adventure Tours 

Hitting the outer part of the reef for a snorkeling tour isn’t going to be cheap, but there are lots of activities to enjoy on the mainland like cave tubing (floating down underground rivers), bird watching, and guided nature hikes. Be sure to ask around for last-minute offers, too. 

If you’re looking for comfortable, clean lodgings that won’t break the bank, consider staying at Davis Falls Inn in southeastern Belize near the Mayflower Bocawina National Park. This guesthouse is owned and operated by a local family and offers guests several Belize adventure tours, including Belize ATV tours of the surrounding jungle.

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