The Stann Creek District of Belize

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The Stann Creek District of Belize

Instead of states or provinces, Belize has districts, of which there are six. Stann Creek District is located on the southeastern coast of the country. The largest town and capital of Stann Creek District is Dangriga, which was formerly known as Stann Creek Town. In Europe, a “stann” was a safe haven or safe harbor, and this is how Stann Creek, and later the entire district, got its name from refugees seeking a better life in the New World. 

Stann Creek District has a population of just over 41,000 people, most of whom live in or near Dangriga. Other points of interest are Hopkins Village, the Placencia Peninsula, and the village of Santa Cruz. Stann Creek District is home to more of the Garifuna people than anywhere else in the country, a unique Afro-Caribbean culture that has been recognized by the United Nations for their contributions to the intangible heritage of humanity. 

Perhaps the most iconic destination in Stann Creek District is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS) and Victoria Peak, the second-highest point in Belize and a protected conservation area. The CWBS begins where the South Stann Creek begins to rise and continues on towards the coast. A completely trackless wilderness off-limits to development, the CWBS is also home to the world’s only jaguar conservation project. 

Other top destinations in Stann Creek District include Marie Sharp’s factory where Belize’s most popular line of hot sauces are made, the Gulisi Garifuna Museum in Dangriga, the Pen Cayetano Gallery in Dangriga, the Drums of our Fathers Monument in Dangriga, and the Mayflower Bocawina National Park. 

Stann Creek District can be reached overland via the Hummingbird Highway from Belmopan and the Southern Highway which connects to points further south. There are also airfields located in Dangriga and Placencia with regular connections to Belize City. 

Dangriga and Hopkins are home to a high concentration of Garifuna people, and these two destinations are popular tourist attractions. The rural areas of Stann Creek District are home to a mix of Maya, Creole, and Mestizo farming communities. 

The coastal areas of Stann Creek District are also very popular. The southern end of the Belize Barrier Reef, home to world-class scuba diving and snorkeling areas, lies just a few miles off the coast of Stann Creek District. In addition, offshore island, coastal estuaries, and lagoons make fishing and canoeing popular activities. Several large bands of manatees can also be found playing in the warm waters off the coast of Stann Creek District.

If you’re coming to the Stann Creek District on your next vacation, be sure to stay at Davis Falls Inn. Located in Pomona Village in Stann Creek, the hotel is a charming, family-run guesthouse offering comfortable lodgings at reasonable prices.

Davis Falls Inn is situated a short distance from many of the most popular destinations in Belize, including the vast Cockscomb Basin Wildlife SanctuarySt. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, and Dangriga, and activities such as hiking, bird watching, ATV tourszip lining, and cave tubing.

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